Song Circle for the People is about sharing songs, stepping into the flow, and working towards being comfortable enough in our voices and song to get the freestyle flow-flowing.

Mixing cypher freestyle lyrics with the chants is an excellent way to free up the energy in your body. Everything gets much sillier and exciting once anything can happen! Co-creative space frees up our minds and allows us to make mistakes. It births new and exciting music each second, and with time spent practicing, can ellicit a world of new music.

The future of music is now, let’s create it! Please share your freestyle and co-creative with us via Facebook or email! Below are some shared submissions!

Healing Through the Medicine

Written by Parker Webb

Healing through the medicine,
So I can be my best again.
I just have to let it in,
I’m healing through the medicine

Alternative lyric from Genevieve: Healing through the medicine, so I can be myself again.