Beat Goes My Heart Drum
Written and performed by Genevieve Houck at the Blue Pool in Oregon. Tamolitch, or ‘The Blue Pool,’ off of the MaKenzie River Scenic Byway. Beautifully blue, deliciously cold, with reverb that sings.

I am so impatient,
For that river to flow. (2x)

For the tide to enclose the distance, between you and I. (between you and I). (2x)

For her brilliant tensegrity (3x)
to wash away all expectations (to wash away all expectations).

She leaves us held silently, bound in familial knowledge in,
Our transitory uncertainty (our transitory uncertainty)

Calling out to our essence (3x)
to make peace with ever-changing connection, connection, connection.

Connection, connection, connection (We all want)
Connection, connection, connection (Complete the circle)
Connection, connection, connection.

And those surrounding us content to be shells (3x)
Burn bright and be held (3x)